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Consuela is a Certified and Professional mentor and coach with a background in Education, Cosmetology, Leadership, Psychology, and Social Work. She pursued her Bachelors of Science in psychology through Argosy University, School of Psychology. She is Certified as a Spiritual Life and Business Coach. She is a licensed Cosmetologist and licensed Educator through the GA State Board of Cosmetology. 


She attended US Trichology Institute to obtain a medical certification as a Hair Loss Practitioner. She previously worked as a Social Worker with the Adult Mental Health population. She also worked with Regis Corporation as a Senior District Leader and recently with a franchise as Director of Training and Development. Consuela has taken the two companies' sales to another level with her mentoring and coaching approach; developmental services and sales strategies. 


Consuela has supervised 55 individuals in the business industry. She oversaw 17 stores; she went from working a 9-5 to fully embracing the call God has placed upon her life. She stepped out on faith to help individuals like herself create the life one chooses to live by inspiring, mentoring, coaching, encouraging, and empowering individuals to enhance their passion and embrace their purpose. Her characteristics and values are biblically-based on leadership principles. She is your Professional Coach.

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